Apply for a new address or change an existing address

The Council is responsible for allocating an address to all new properties - including a conversion or the split or merger of a premises. Find out more about how the council's Address Management team works with individuals and developers to achieve this.

Individuals and developers must NOT allocate their own building numbers, building names if no number is allocated, or street names.

The Council is responsible for allocating addresses to all properties - including new build, conversion, a split or merger of premises or a change of an existing address.

Who Should Apply

If you are planning any of the following:

  • Change of address for one or more existing properties e.g. change 13 High Street to 11A High Street or change 18-20 High Street to 18 High StreetĀ 
  • Conversion (including subdivision or merger of existing properties) e.g. convert 11 High Street to 6 flats, merge Units 1 and 2 Burton Court to Unit 1, split shop at 32 High Street to two shops at 32 and 32A High Street
  • New development or redevelopment e.g. demolish house at 22 High Street and build 7 new housesĀ 

How to Apply

Please complete our Online Application Form for new or changed addresses.

The form will ask you for your contact details as well as details of the existing site or address. You may also be asked to provide plans, depending on the complexity of the development.

The form gives you the opportunity to make suggestions for new addresses which will be considered in relation to our policy. You may find it helpful to read our Street Naming and Numbering Policy Handbook before you start to complete the application form.

We aim to give an initial response to all applications within 12 working days. If we don't receive your application form in a timely manner, this may impact on our ability to provide addresses when you need them.

Please contact us if you have any problems or are unsure of how to complete the form.

For further details of who should apply and when, as well as who we notify of new addresses, please refer to our Street Naming and Numbering Policy Handbook.


Nottingham City Council does not have responsibility for assigning postcodes This is done by Royal Mail. Please click here to view the 'Address Management Roles and Responsibilities' page for further information.

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Address Management Development Department Nottingham City Council Loxley House Station Street NG2 3NG
Tel: 0115 876 5012
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