Invoices and Credit Notes - Important Changes

Changes to the way the council receives invoices

Our email address for suppliers to send Invoices and Credit Notes has changed. Please ensure all Invoices are sent to the new email address, as stated below, otherwise they will not be received by us for processing.

Please submit your invoices in PDF format to nccinvoices@emss.org.uk for processing, alternatively, they can be posted to the following address:

Nottingham City Council
PO Box 1475

All Invoices/ Credit Notes must quote the Purchase Order number or Contact Name, and be correctly addressed to Nottingham City Council (as above).

If you have any queries please contact the EMSS Service Desk via email financeservicedesk@emss.org.uk or telephone 0300 30 30 222 (Option 1, Option 1) quoting your unique supplier identification number.

Please note this does not affect invoices where you have a local arrangement in place with a department or where they are sent to and paid directly by Schools. Invoices paid by the Schools need to be sent direct to the School that requested the goods/services.

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