Children and Adults Privacy Notes

This page provides information about Children and Adults Privacy Notices.

Nottingham City Council and Nottingham city schools process information about children and the children's workforce in order to run the education and social care systems and meet requirements set down by central Government.

Throughout the collection and processing of data we ensure our processes comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that the data held about individuals is only used for specific purposes allowed by law.

In order to provide details of who holds information and how it is used the local authority and schools issue Privacy Notices referring the recipient to the Local Authority's and the Department for Education's website to see how they will store and use the data, as well as details of organisations with whom the data will be shared. Further details of the Privacy Notices can be found below.

Guidance from the DfE (department for Education) suggests that a Privacy Notice (which replaces the former Fair Processing Notice) must be issued to new pupils and staff by the school or LA but this can be done at the same time as other communications that they issue. For example:

A pupil might receive the Privacy Notice as part of a school brochure or induction pack, or in a school diary, and/or it could be posted on the school notice board.

For staff, the Privacy Notice might be included as part of a contract, induction pack, and/or posted on the staff notice board.

A child or family receiving early help, family support, youth justice or social care services (including children in care and care leavers) might receive their Privacy Notice as part of other information about the services that they are being offered.

It is no longer necessary to reissue Privacy Notices to pupils, staff or other individuals who have received previous versions.


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