Adoption Life Stories

Adoption Real Life Stories

Some of our adopters have shared their experiences with us. You can read their inspirational stories and watch videos on this page.

Every adopter is different, as are the children they care for. On this page you can read the inspirational stories of some of our adopters.  

Here's a short video featuring Nottingham City Council adopters To watch, click play on the image below.

Leigh and Neil, Same Sex Adopters

We are a gay couple and having spent many wonderful years watching our niece and nephew grow up, felt that we would like a family of our very own.

John and Emily*, on Adopting Twins

John and Emily, now in their forties have been married for over ten years and with John's career now firmly established they felt it was the right time to start a family.

Julie and Peter*, on Adopting a Sibling Group of Three  

Julie and Peter became adopted parents to a sibling group of three in July 2013 - two twin boys aged 3 and a girl aged 4. "Having a ready made family is a dream come true."

Sarah, on adopting a Child with Additional Needs

Sarah recently adopted her four year old daughter to "Give a good life to a child who wouldn't have had the same opportunities if she had remained in care." She wanted more children and a sister or brother for her eldest daughter, aged 10.

Lisa and Dave, on being adoptive parents

Lisa and Dave adopted with Nottingham City Council in 2014. In this video they share their story about the process, the support and how it has changed their life. Click play on the video below to watch their interview.

Lesley*, on Fostering and Adoption

Lesley started her career with Nottingham City Council as a foster carer, looking after Charlie since birth and Hayley since the age of four months. "They did not have great prospects for adoption", says Lesley. "But to me they seemed to be the rights ones - adoption just seemed right."

Keira and Gavin* - on Fostering and Adoption 

Keira and Gavin always wanted more children but following a difficult first pregnancy made the decision not to to go through childbirth again. They have fostered a number of children with Nottingham City Council over the years but the last child they cared for had such a big impact on the whole family that when he was put forward for adoption they didn't think twice about applying to become his permanent carers.

Samantha*, on being an Adoptive Mum 

Samantha always wanted to have children but hadn't found the right partner. "Time was becoming an issue" she explains. "Since my twenties I always said I was going to adopt, probably because I'm quite an independent person and have always done everything for myself."

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