Post Order Service for Adopters and Guidance

We offer a range of services for people who have a link or connection to Adoption, Special Guardianship and Residence Orders.

Whether you're a birth relative, an adopted adult, an adoptive family or have been granted a Special Guardianship or Residence Order, we have a range of services to support you.

Children and Young Person's Guide

Our child and young person's Guide to Post-Adoption Support can also be found below.

Birth Relatives

We are able to give support, counselling and advice to birth relatives whose family members have been adopted. 

Adoptive and Permanent Families

There are many factors that adoptive families face when raising their children. We may be able to help. The most common help needed is information about managing behaviour and understanding the child's attachment within their adoptive family. We are able to give advice concerning post support services, locally and nationally.

Consultation and advice can be offered concerning dual heritage adoptions. This includes understanding a child's identity and parenting a black child.

Adopted People

Some adopted people think about their birth relatives at some stage in their lives. We offer a confidential service if you wish to talk about adoption, or how to obtain information about your birth family. We can give advice regarding intermediary services, and searching for birth family members .


We can offer advice about post adoption and post order issues, such as contact.


We run a letterbox scheme, which is a confidential way for adoptive families and birth families to exchange information on behalf of adopted children. We can offer advice and support about letterbox.

First4Adoption have produced a national guide on support services available to adopters.

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Nottingham City Post-Order Services (Adoption, Special Guardianship and Residence Orders) Fostering and Adoption Service 2-6 Isabella Street Nottingham NG1 6AT Email: Nottingham.PostAdoption@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
Tel: 0115 876 2696

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