Nottingham City Council Emergency Plan

In the event of a major incident it may be necessary to evacuate all, or part of, the city centre, or give the public other sorts of information and advice. In preparation for such an event we have been working closely with Nottinghamshire Police and a range of other emergency responders and representatives from partner organisations to produce Nottingham City Centre Emergency Plan.

The purpose of this plan is to increase public protection by providing a framework designed to enable a fast, effective and flexible response to major incidents and emergencies occurring within the city centre.

Are you in the zone?

For businesses in the City a copy of the plan was produced giving basic information and advice about the plan and dividing the city centre into emergency zones which could be used for evacuation and information should an incident occur. Do you know what zone your building, officer, place of work or car parking space is in?

To get a copy of the Nottingham City Centre Emergency Plan please call us on 0115 915 4781

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Emergency Planning Nottingham City Council Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3NG
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