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Nottingham City Council's Parks and Open Spaces have a rolling plan of new developments and improvements across the city.

Shipstone Street Makeover

A funding bid has been submitted to WREN for funding to help improve the playground on site.  The proposal for the park, just off Radford Road, will include replacing most of the play equipment on site, repairing fencing and putting in some outdoor gym equipment for parents and older children to use.  Should this bid be successful it is anticipated that the scheme, coming in at around £65,000 (£50,000 from WREN and the rest coming from Ward Councillors) will be started in the New Year.  Watch this space for further information.

Astley Drive Play Area

This small playground located off the Wells Road is due to soon have facelift with £13,000 worth of investment helping to transform the old play area into something that can be used more by the local community.  Funding has been secured from Ward Councillors and Section 106 (planning) to deliver this scheme. It is anticipated that this works will be completed by the New Year.

Green’s Mill Park

Works have been carried out over the summer after funding was successfully received from WREN to improve the park inform of Green’s Mill.  His has included improvements to the grassed areas, modifications to the car park, creation of a Wildflower area improving the play area, tree works and other things to improve the quality of the open space.  We are now working closely with the WIND friends group and Green’s Mill itself to help continue the improvements on site, with  WIND holding regular volunteering sessions on site and are always happy to see new people help out.

Kirkstead Street Park

Works have taken place to start improving Kirkstead Street Park.  This park, close to Hyson Green ASDA, has recently had improvements carried out to the fencing round the play area and new outdoor gym equipment installed near the ball court, which has been funded by local Ward Councillors and will hopefully form the first phase of improvement works to the park, with further works to improve the park are being looked at, subject to funding.

Gawthorne Street Improvements

Parks and Open Spaces, working with Nottingham City Homes, Neighbourhood development and local Ward Councillor have carried out works to improve Gawthorne Street Park, which has included additional equipment for younger children, the creation of an outdoor gym are designed for teenagers, re-marking the ball court, planting additional trees on site and improving bins and seating areas.  Further works will take place over the next few months to replace old site signage.


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