Drugs Treatment

Help with drugs issues including needle exchanges

If you're worried that you, or someone you know could have a drug problem the first thing to do is talk to a GP. A doctor will be able to carry out an assessment and offer you treatment, or refer you to a specialist.

Many drug treatment services do accept self-referrals, so you may be able to go to them directly without seeing a GP.

Where can I get help locally?

Local GP - for all kinds of advice and information about drugs issues find a GP service near you.

APAS - the Alcohol Problems Advisory Service offer support for alcohol and drug users. Call 0115 941 4747

The Health Shop - provides services such as one-2-one support, needle exchange, harm reduction advice, condoms and the morning after pill. Call them on 0115 947 5414, or drop in to see them.

Compass - helps young people and adults to recover from drugs and alcohol. You can call them on 0800 008 7453 (freephone), or drop in to see them at - 

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Castle Gate

Where can I get help nationally?

FRANK- National Drugs Helpline gives you all the information on drugs and getting help. For friendly, confidential advice call 0300 123 6600, text82111

NHS Choices - for information and advice on drugs, alcohol and health issues.

Needle Exchange

A confidential needle exchange service is available at a number of places.

Visit the NHS website to find your local Pharmacy

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