Mental Health

Information and help with mental health concerns

If you, or someone you know has mental health concerns then there are a number of schemes and services that can help you.

Where can I get help locally?

Local GP - You should first seek help and advice from your local GP - Find a GP service near you.

NHS Choices App library - Apps to improve your wellbeing. There are some general self-assessments on NHS Choices to help self manage your wellbeing.

SMART - Emotional support and referrals for people suffering mental distress. Call 0800 561 0072 Monday to Thursday, 5pm to 9am, Friday 5pm to Monday 9am.

The Books on Prescription - Helps people to manage issues that cause mental health problems or manage your mental health.

Pathway for Children and Young People with Emotional, Behavioural or Mental Health Needs - A joint partnership service with positive outcomes for children and young people.

Support for Children and Young people with mental health - Future in Mind
Efficient pathway that supports and improves the emotional wellbeing and mental health needs of children and young people in Nottingham.

Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group Mental Health Services - Works for people with mental health issues to commission (buy) services, ensuring they get the right help and support. Contact your GP to get refered.

Self referral

Let's Talk Wellbeing - Offers talking therapies for people experiencing difficulties such as feeling low, anxious or stressed. Call them on 0115 956 0888.

Insight Healthcare (formerly MHCO) - Offers primary care psychological therapy services, counselling services and employee wellbeing programmes. Call them on 0300 555 5580.

Trent PTS - Offers treatment for depression, anxiety, loss, grief, trauma relationship problems and many other conditions. Call them on 0115 896 3160.

Where can I get help nationally?

Awaaz - Provides a mental health service to people from the Black and Ethnic Minority and new emerging communities. Call them on 0115 924 5555.

Anxiety UK - Offers information and support via an extensive range of services for those living with anxiety disorders.

Carers Federation- A dedicated support service for carers of all ages and the people they look after. Call them on 0115 962 9310 

Depression Alliance - A way for people affected by depression, or supporting someone with depression to talk online and meet up

Mental Health Foundation - Working to improve the lives of those with mental health problems or learning disabilities.

SANE - Helps to improve the quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness.

Samaritans - If you have a mental health diagnosis, you can talk about it with the Samaritans. Call them on 0845 790 9090, or email jo@samaritans.org

Time to Talk - A charity campaigning to raise the profile of mental health and wellbeing.

Joint Partnerships

You can find out more on how we are working with partners to improve quality of life and tackle health inequalities in Nottingham in our guides below

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