Looking to Rent

I am looking for a property to rent in Nottingham City.

If you want information on council houses or housing association houses then please follow this link.

Looking to rent privately in Nottingham City?

There are a few quick checks that you should do for any property before you decide to rent it out.

Information on what to look for when viewing a property and load our quick checklist for you to complete before choosing a property to rent.

You should ensure that you have considered all of the criteria that is detailed under our looking for a property section.

Where to start?

We advise you to go through our accreditation bodies first when looking to rent a property. These are properties that have been through the accreditation companies who have recognised that they are above the legal minimum standards.

We ALWAYS advise that you visit a property before agreeing to rent it.

If any changes to the property are agreed to be completed before you move in, you should have this in writing and signed for, or included in the tenancy agreement.

All tenancy deposits should be protected under a tenancy deposit scheme.

It is also a good idea to take photographs of the property as you are moving in to the property and also when you move out. This is in case there are any disputes in relation to the deposit. You may wish to email these to yourself or a trusted person so they are also date logged

You can find more information and advice on renting shared accommodation here.

HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation)

If you are looking for a shared house as a group, or would like to live in a shared house with others ( that you do or do not know); it is likely that a shared property, or flat, will be a HMO and/ or require a licence. Click here for more information on HMO’s and licensing.

If there is any information that you are still not clear on or you would like some general advice, then please complete and online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

More information

Follow this link for more specific information about the following

Rent in Advance
Admin fees
Credit checks
Long and short term lets
Rent and the average rental prices
Link to the benefits calculator
Reporting concerns

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