Managing Agent/Property Manager

Information for a manager or managing agents with properties in Nottingham City.

Firstly, if you manage a property in Nottingham City for someone else, then you will need to be registered with one of the approved property redress schemes.

NOTE: This includes properties that are managed by someone/ a company other than the exact person or company that appears on the Land Registry. For example; Individual 1 is the Director of Company 1. Company 1 owns a property but person 1 wants to individually manage the property. Individual 1 will need to be registered with a redress scheme.

As a manager, you also have a duty to comply with your legal responsibilities.

As a manager or managing agent, you should be clear in the agreements that you have with the person(s) who you are managing on behalf of, as although you may believe the owner and/ or tenants to be responsible for certain aspects; as a liable manager; you could also be responsible for these legally.

This applies to both licensable and non-licensable properties.

The Licensing of housing

If you manage a property within Nottingham City, it is likely that it falls under one of the licensing schemes. If this is the case, it is a criminal offence not to licence the property and a manager could be considered as one of the persons responsible for not having a licence or duly made application in place.

(This may include properties that are not shared and/ or where families are living).

If your property is a flat, or a flat within a larger building, then a licence may still be required, even if the flat/s is self-contained or purpose built. Click here for more information about flats.

Whether or not a property requires a licence, as a manager, you will still need to comply with the relevant legislations.

If you do not comply with your legal minimum requirements, Nottingham City may take enforcement action against you, including fines and prosecution.

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