• Live in a property which provides a healthy and safe environment
  • Not be required to carry out repairs which are the landlord's responsibility
  • Have your deposit protected in one of the 3 tenancy deposit schemes available
  • Have a tenancy agreement
  • Not be threatened with harassment and illegal eviction
  • Have the name and contact details of your landlord


  • Keeping up to date with your rent and bills
  • Taking care of the property and not causing damage
  • Being responsible for your household and visitors
  • Asking permission from your landlord where it is needed
  • Having consideration for your neighbours and not causing a nuisance or antisocial behaviour
  • Complying with the terms of your tenancy agreement and ending your tenancy agreement properly
  • Not causing any intentional damage to the property, as you will be responsible for putting this right or paying for the repairs
  • Not withholding your rent - even if you are waiting for repairs to be completed
  • Not storing excess rubbish in your garden
  • Not leaving your bins on the street
  • Not contaminating your recycling bin

Your role as a tenant

If you currently rent accommodation within Nottingham City, we advise you to read the following information to ensure that you are clear on what you can expect from the property, landlord and manager.

As a tenant, you are also expected to behave in a certain way; your responsibilities can be found at the top of the page.

You should respect your neighbourhood and environment that you live in and not cause noise or anti-social behaviour nuisance.

We also work closely with Nottinghamshire Police and the two Universities to tackle problematic landlords and tenants.


If you rent a property within Nottingham City, it is likely that it falls under one of the licensing schemes.

You should only rent a licensable property if there is a current licence or a pending application in place.

You can check this here.

If the property that you live in does require a licence and there is no licence in place and no application has been made, you may be able to claim back some of your rent.

There is more information in relation to flats on this link.

To find more information and advice on renting shared accommodation, click here.

For more information on what to expect during your tenancy, click here.

Report an unlicensed property here.

All private rented properties have a basic set of standards. Here you will find information relating to these standards.


What can I expect from my landlord?

By law, your landlord must make sure that they comply with their requirements. Very generally, they must make sure that the property is safe and provides a healthy environment. More information can be found at the top of the page.

Legal Duties

Whether or not your property requires a licence; you and your landlord (and manager/ managing agent) are still expected to comply with the relevant laws. To see these please click here.

Having trouble with your property, landlord or manager?

If there is a problem with your property then you should first report this to your manager or landlord and give them a reasonable amount of time for them to resolve this.

If the issue cannot be resolved between you both, then the council may step in and take the necessary action.

If you would like to report something to us, then you can Report it here enquiry.

If there is any information that you are still not clear on or you would like some general advice, then please complete and online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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