Private Sector Housing

Following the tragic events at the Grenfell Tower fire in London on the 14th June 2017, the Safer Housing Team would like to direct citizens and landlords to Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue website for further advice and information.

If you have particular concerns about your own privately rented property please contact the Safer Housing team at saferhousing@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

If you live in a Nottingham City Homes property, please click here.  

Nottingham City Council has written to the owners of over 500 private high rise blocks (over 34 metres) in the city, with the tallest residential buildings having been prioritised, to ask them to look at building and safety standards in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy over 34 metres - you can see which owners have responded here

Nottingham City Council has also written to the owners of residential properties (over 18 metres) in the city to ask them to look at building and safety standards -  you can see which owners have responded here


Private sector housing includes homes which are rented in the private sector and households who own their home.

The Nottingham Standard for Landlord Accreditation
The Nottingham Standard is a new accreditation mark, that will establish an overarching minimum standard for privately rented accommodation

Report a rogue landlord or problem 
If you would like to report a rogue landlord or problem with your privately rented property.

Private Rented Housing Problems and Advice
This page provides information and advice as to the standards expected in the private rented sector

Private renting advice
The Nottingham Standard guide to help tenants when finding a home, or already living in the private rented sector.

Housing Benefit for Private Tenants
Tenants renting from a private landlord may be eligible for housing benefit.

Houses In Multiple Occupation - HMOs
What is a HMO? An HMO is a building or part of a building occupied as a main residence by more than one household.