What is the Private Rented Assistance Scheme

The Scheme assists Nottingham City residents who are homeless or in need of good quality private rented accommodation.

The bond is valid for a period which will allow the tenant time to save the deposit and give to the landlord.

All landlords must be accredited or willing to work towards becoming accredited. 

NPRAS will

  1. Interview potential tenants in which a five year address will be established and any criminal convictions or support needs. An extensive income and expenditure form will be completed
  2. Ensure that prospective tenants  provide a character reference / bank statement/post office statement / proof of income / photo ID and proof of any financial agreements. A credit check will be completed
  3. If the applicant fully meets the criteria, they will be issued with a Tenants Passport. If applicants do not fully meet the criteria they will still be accepted onto the waiting list and an appropriate support package will be identified
  4. Marketed the landlords property for free by the Private Rented Assistance Scheme
  5. Prospective tenants view the property and meet the landlord/where possible
  6. Both the landlord and tenant agree whether they wish to go ahead with the tenancy and contact NPRAS
  7. NPRAS, if necessary will arrange for an officer to complete a written and visual inventory at the property
  8. The landlord supplies NPRAS with a copy of a valid Gas Safety Certificate (which must have at least one months validity remaining) and a current Energy Performance Certificate for the property, which must not show an efficiency below 35. (this will be changed by law in 2013 to 38)
  9. Shared accommodation must have basic amenities e.g. Cooking facilities, beds, and sofa/settee. This will reduce additional cost/ stress/inconvenience to clients starting their new tenancy
  10. If the landlord qualifies for the Tenancy facilitation service this will be completed by the Scheme and a housing benefit form and safeguarding form will be completed. The majority of citizen's accommodated through the scheme qualify to have direct payments of housing benefit to the landlord
  11. Once the paperwork has been signed and returned to NPRAS then the Guarantee Bond will be issued. In the case of applicants in receipt of Housing Benefit, the cheque for four weeks rent in advance will be issued at this stage
  12. NPRAS, if applicable, supply the paperwork and proofs to Housing Benefit and then liaises between the landlord and tenant to ensure that payment is prompt
  13. The Bond will be reviewed after the initial six-month period and renewed for a further 6 months if all parties are in agreement

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