Traffic and Safety

Duration of Programme: 24 MONTHS

SALARY: Grade E (£20,661 – rising to £21,962 after 12 months.)


The Traffic and Flood Risk Management team provides a wide range of services relating to its statutory function as the Lead Local Flood Authority in Nottingham.

The majority of the service delivery is influenced by the statutory duties and responsibilities of a Lead Local Flood Authority and emerging legislation which is designed to ensure Nottingham is prepared and resilient to integrated flooding. This role involves very close working with other Risk Management Authorities including the Environment Agency and the local Water and Sewerage Company to coordinate the management of flood risk from multiple sources. An important aspect of this role is the focus on delivering citizen outcomes by better protecting the communities of Nottingham.

During your time with us you will gain exposure to all aspects of a Lead Local Flood Authority which are:

  • Flood Investigation
  • Asset inspections including dams and trash screens
  • Highway drainage design
  • Planning and building control applications
  • Capital and routine maintenance programme
  • Strategy and policy development
  • Supervision of consultants and contractors
  • Partnership working opportunities with external organisations
  • Structured training on industry standard software

The Traffic and Flood Risk Management team also provides a statutory function in its capacity as a Highway Authority. This includes the production of Traffic Regulation Orders, Public Rights of Way orders and Highway Systems.

The effects of flooding can be devastating. It can cause people to be displaced from their homes for several months, cause major disruption to transport and have significant impacts for the local economy. One of our biggest challenges is dealing with flash flooding, which is difficult to predict and can affect the city with little or no warning. With a changing climate and the predicted increase in rainfall events it is important that the Traffic and Flood Risk Management team works closely with other Risk Management Authorities to take a long term and strategic approach to flood risk management and promote climate change resilience and adaption at community level.

In light of future budgetary constraints, there is a greater need to support an innovative approach to managing flood risk in a challenging environment. To support this ethos, the Traffic and Flood Risk Management team constantly respond to service pressures to ensure the citizens of Nottingham are better protected through implementing the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.

The City Council are committed to protecting the citizens and businesses of Nottingham which is reflected by promoting an ambitious capital programme worth £9 million.

The deadline for submitting an application is midnight on Sunday 22 April 2018

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