Hear from our Apprentices

We have a whole host of Talent here at Nottingham City Council. Here you can find out what our current Apprentices think about working for Nottingham City Council.

Hear what our apprentices have to say

The Council employs up to 100 Apprentices each year. We have found that our Apprentices develop their confidence and skills during their Apprenticeship; this is what some of our current and previous Apprentices had to say

"The apprenticeship changed my life. The Council has supported me beyond my wildest dreams and I love getting out of bed every day and giving something back to my amazing city!" Aiden Shannon, HR Apprentice

"Nottingham City Council gave me a chance when nobody else would" Nigel Turton, Cleansing Apprentice

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be an apprentice here at Nottingham city council, with the current economic climate the way it is this was a great start to my career in the world of work. With me attending college previous and only having part-time jobs I didn't have the experience most companies were asking for. This role has given me this so now I can move up the ladder as they say because I now have the skills and assets companies require. Also the pay is much more than most apprenticeships available. I love working for NCC as you are not treated like an apprentice but a fellow employee and valued member of the team. I recently attended an apprentice celebration event which made me feel like we were being appreciated, so that was nice. Everyone around you just wants to help and make sure you are getting on; I would recommend this to anyone- Kieran Ricketts Resources Apprentice

"Applying for an apprenticeship opportunity within Nottingham City Council was the best decision I have ever made. I thoroughly enjoy gaining the hands on practical work experience by working alongside the experienced members of staff. With the support and encouragement of my team, I have been developing a range of skills and knowledge that will help me to successfully compete for future permanent jobs. My mentor provides invaluable support and guidance throughout my journey and closely monitors my progression to make sure that I learn and grow as much as possible. I am confident that my apprenticeship experience will lead me to a successful and rewarding career." - Enk Yura, Resources Apprentice

"I highly recommend an apprenticeship as it gives you a chance to develop your knowledge and skills, which will help prepare you for a full time employment. I achieved sustainable employment with NCC earlier this year and the Apprenticeship helped me develop into the role I have"- Zara Kenton Chief Executive's Group Apprentice

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