Winter Indoor Club League

Indoor tennis courts at NTC

Welcome to Winter Indoor Club League

What is it?

A unique event designed to allow clubs to compete against each other indoors and maintain that competitive edge throughout the winter.

  • 2017/18 Indoor League has begun and will run to the end of March 2018
  • Details of the new leagues are now available at the LTA website

Club teams from around Nottinghamshire and neighbouring counties compete against each other in a series of 7 divisions. (Approx. 8 teams in each division)

Each match lasts 1.5 hours with teams consisting of 2 men and 2 women playing 40 minutes men's and ladies double followed by two 40 minute mixed doubles rubbers.

New teams wishing to enter or existing teams wishing to withdraw should contact the event organiser on 0115 876 1664 by 30 June each year. See below for further details.

  • The league will be played over 1 season (September to April with promotion and relegation)
  • Each team shall consist of 2 ladies and 2 gentlemen playing 1 men's doubles, 1 ladies doubles and 2 mixed doubles, played in that order
  • A rubber will be a maximum of 16 games (Only completed games will count towards the score)

How the scoring works

The match will be decided upon the number of games won. 2 points will be awarded to the winning team, with 1 point to each team if the match is a tie.

The league will normally consist of up to 8 teams per division. At the end of each season 2 teams will be promoted and 2 teams relegated from each division for the following season. Final positions in each division are determined by the number of points awarded. If teams are equal on points the position will be decided by percentage games won divided by percentage games played. If still equal, result between the 2 teams will count.


All fixtures will be arranged by the league committee and notified to clubs prior to commencement for the season. Fixtures may not be postponed or rearranged for any reason, other than by the committee.

Matches will take no longer that 1.5 hours to complete. Ahead of the first match will be a 10 minute 'knock up' followed by 2 rounds of 40 minute matches.

At deuce, games will be decided on the next point. In men's/ladies doubles the receiving pair nominates which side to receive from. In the mixed doubles the male serves to the male, female serves to female.

Strict time keeping is essential, and the following rules must be adhered to: 

  • Players must be ready to commence play at the time stipulated
  • 2 games will be conceded for every 5 minute period after the 10 minute knock up or part period of lateness and no knock up will be permitted if more than 10 minutes late starting
  • Play will stop precisely on time or before, at the end of the first rubber after 40 minutes and at the end of the match after 90 minutes to permit the next match to start on time (At the call of time only the point being played may be finished)
  • Cost of courts will be shared by the 2 teams and captains will be responsible for payment before commencement of the match
  • Any team failing to appear will be responsible for the full cost of court hire
  • In the event of a walk-over, 44/0 result will be recorded
  • If only 3 players appear for a match, the rubbers which can be played should be played, with the other 2 rubbers being recorded as 16/0
  • A team of 3 players cannot win the match unless an eligible 4th player arrives in time for the mixed doubles

Appearances are limited to a maximum of 10 for any one player

Tennis balls will be provided by the league

Good luck to all of the teams taking part


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