Junior Swim School

Our junior swimming lesson programme follows the Amateur Swimming Association's National Plan for Teaching Swimming.

Did you know that by the time your child leaves primary school they should be able to swim a minimum distance of 25m unaided?  This is the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 attainment level, yet an astonishing number of children leave school unable to swim 25m!

It is vital that every child learns to swim and gains core knowledge regarding water safety.

Junior Swimming Lessons

Our 10 stage all-inclusive programme takes non-swimmers from their first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water.

Children can join our programme at any level depending on their ability, find out more about our sessions below:  

Foundation Stages 

These stages develop early-years water confidence, encouraged through adult and child and pre-school sessions.

Adult and Child (6 months +) - Aqua Babies

A class for parent/carers with their baby/toddler aged 6 months or over. The aim of this class is to develop water confidence in young children and movement through fun and games. Please note these lessons are only available at certain leisure centres, to check availability please contact your local leisure centre.

Pre-school (3 - 5 years)

These sessions are aimed at 3 - 5 year olds and will help build water confidence and develop some initial experience of being in a class environment. The main emphasis of these classes is to become confident in the water through fun and games. Toys and play equipment will be used.

Stages 1 - 7, Fundamental Movement Skills

These classes are for children age 5 years + from beginner level to advanced.

Stage 1 This stage is concerned with developing basic safety awareness, movement and water confidence skills. Swimmers may use aids or support to swim five metres on their front and back.
Stage 2 This stage focuses on developing safe entries to the water, basic floating and swimming five metres on the front and back without aids and support.
Stage 3 This stage is concerned with developing safe entries into the water- including submersion and swimming 10 metres on the front and back.
Stage 4 This stage helps the learner develop an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills. The swimmer also has to swim 10 metres to ASA* stroke standards.
Stage 5 During this stage swimmers develop 'watermanship' through sculling and treading water skills. The swimmer also has to swim 25 metres to ASA* stroke standards.
Stage 6 This stage is about developing effective swimming skills - including coordinated breathing - across all strokes. The swimmer also has to swim 50 metres to ASA• stroke standards.
Stage 7 During this stage, children develop quality stroke techniques up to 100 metres. They also successfully complete an obstacle course that combines a variety of skills accomplished through stages 1 - 7.

Stages 8 - 10, Fundamental Sports Skills

For children aged 5 years +

Once the swimmer has developed the core range of skills required to be confident, competent and safe in the water through stages 1 - 7, they may then choose to take part in different water based activities. These include competitive swimming (stage 8), flip and fun (diving), rookie lifeguard, Mini Polo and challenge swimming classes. Please note not all of these classes will be available at all centres, check with your local pool for details.

Disability Junior Swimming Lessons with Ability Nottingham

Some of our pools also offer specialist swimming lessons for children with a disability or additional needs.

Please contact Nottingham City Sport & Leisure Customer Contact Centre - 0115 876 1600 or sportandleisure@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Swimming Lessons for Older Children

Beginner swimming lessons for children aged 10 years + are available. Please contact your local pool for details.

School Holiday Swimming Crash Courses

In addition to the main swimming lessons programme some of our pools offer crash courses as part of their school holiday activities. Please contact your local pool for more information.

Please note: some of our pools may not offer the full range of Nottingham Swim School lessons. To check availability, please contact your local pool.

One on One Swimming Lessons

One on one swimming instruction is available for all ages and abilities to complement existing lessons or as an alternative to the swimming lesson programme.  Please enquire at your local leisure centre for more details.

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