Neighbourhood Planning

Rights and powers for local communities to have a greater say in shaping the future of places where they live and work.

Neighbourhood Plans

Developed by 'Neighbourhood Forums', a Neighbourhood Plan can set out general planning principles for the development of the Neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Plans are about supporting growth and must be consistent with national planning policy and the policies in the City Council's Local Plan.

Neighbourhood Development Orders

These allow local communities to grant planning permission for certain types of development that they want to see go ahead in a community area. Neighbourhood Development Orders could, for example, allow new homes and offices to be built without developers having to apply for separate planning permission.

Community Right to Build Orders

An order that can be made by the local planning authority that grants planning permission for a site-specific development proposal or classes of development.

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More information on neighbourhood planning can be found at the Department of Communities and Local Government Neighbourhood Planning page.

The Planning Advisory Service has produced a useful 'frequently asked questions' page on Neighbourhood Planning, which can be viewed at their web page.

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The Local Plan and Planning Policy

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