Independent Travel Training

The Independent Travel Training (ITT) service offers children and young people who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) and physical disabilities with a set of essential skills, enabling them to travel independently. This service promotes independency, increases confidence, improves social skills and opens up routes to further education, employment and leisure.

Students will be referred to the ITT service by SEN Services, schools, colleges and Futures (formerly known as Connexions). All of these services will be able to identify the students who will benefit from travel training.

Each personalised training programme will ensure that students will be fully trained to carry out the journey from home to their place of education.

Making a referral

To refer a young person onto the Independent Travel Training scheme, please click on the link below and complete the electronic referral form.

Alternatively, you can request for a form to be sent to you via post or email, by contacting us at itt@nottinghamcity.gov.uk


Independent Travel Training offers many benefits to the student as it;

  • Promotes independence and enables students to access positive social activities
  • Increases confidence and helps them to feel safer in their community
  • Helps to improve social skills and maintain relationships
  • Opens up many routes to further education, employment or leisure


The travel training programme will provide students with a wide ranging package of support. This will include:

  • Coping with traffic and road safety
  • Learning the highway code
  • Confidence in using buses, trams and trains
  • Journey planning
  • How to use timetables and visual aids
  • Where to get help
  • Personal safety
  • Money skills

Once the training is complete, the student will be presented with a certificate in recognition of the fundamental life skills they have gained and the hard work they put into the training. We will continue to evaluate and assess the student after the training and are able to offer ongoing support.

Anthony's Story

Notts TV news piece on our Independent Travel Training Scheme which has seen over 30 Nottingham school and college children learn to travel independently. This story focuses on Anthony and how the scheme has impacted upon his life with the support of his school, Nethergate School

Safe Places Scheme

The ITT team are working very closely with Nottingham Mencap to promote the ‘Safe Places Scheme’ in and around Nottingham. A ‘Safe Place’ will have a nationally recognised sticker on the front window or at the help point desk. For further information on the ‘Safe Places Scheme’ please visit Nottingham Mencap’s website

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