Permit Scheme for Road Works

Find out how to get a permit to carry out road works.

Contractors (including Utility Companies, Transport Authorities and the Councils own Highway teams) are now required to obtain a permit in order to carry out road works in order to minimise disruption and road congestion.

When a Permit is Required

Anyone carrying out road works in a permit street will need a permit from us. This includes works by utility companies and works that we and our partners carry out. It does not include activities such as builder's skips and scaffolding where the existing arrangements will be maintained.

Streets covered by the Permit Scheme

The permit scheme will apply to all streets maintained by Nottingham City Council as highway maintainable at public expense.

Immediate Activities

Where immediate work is needed to take place on a traffic sensitive street, it is a condition of the permit scheme that we are notified immediately by telephone on 0115 876 5298 24 hours a day.

Revisions to the permit scheme to meet the 2015 regulations:

Regulatory changes to the Nottingham Permit Scheme for Road Works and Street Works are due to come in to force from 1 October 2015. Further details and documents relating to the changes can be found below.

Any comments or queries to be directed to permit.scheme@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.

Permit Evaluation report

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