Improving Local Roads and Footways

The City Council is committed to improving the condition of local roads and footways within neighbourhoods

Area Capital Fund

The City Council has invested over £40million in improving local areas with local communities continuing to benefit from the implementation of over 100 schemes per year, across the whole city.

These schemes are determined by ward councillors at Area Committee.

Annual Maintenance Programme

On 10 August 2016 a two week carriageway surfacing programme will commence which will see 18 streets as listed in the downloadable programme below be resurfaced. The programme is funded by the Local Transport Plan Maintenance Block.

Our Highways team regularly monitors and reviews the condition of the highway network to repair network elements or to make situations safe. Members of the public can report any faults on the road online at www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/highways or over the phone by contacting the call centre on 0115 9152000.

Pothole Fund (2014)

Funding was provided in 2014 for the repairing potholes. This programme of works was completed in March 2015. To view each of the quarterly reports please download the following links:

Pothole Action Fund (2016/17)

In April 2016, the Department for Transport announced further funding for repairing potholes. This was provided to local authorities on a funding formula based on road length. Nottingham City Council was provided £117,000 for 2016/17 through this fund.

A report detailing the works that will be carried out will be provided here shortly.

Maintenance Incentive Fund

This separate funding stream is aimed to improve local authority maintenance efficiency, with an increasing proportion of maintenance funding allocated through this funding. In April 2016, the Department for Transport announced the allocations of funding through the maintenance incentive fund for each local authority. These allocations are based on a self-assessment questionnaire that the local authority has provided.

For 2016/17, Nottingham City Council is scored as a band two authority, and has been allocated £124,000 of funding. This will be used alongside the core maintenance funding for the residential resurfacing programme.

Creative Quarter

The Creative Quarter highways and public realm programme is funded by Nottingham City Council and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). To find out more information please visit the Building a Better Nottingham website.

Other funding

Additional Maintenance Fund

On 18th December 2012, the Government announced additional funding for local authorities for essential maintenance to renew, repair and extend the life of the highway network. This totalled £345,000 in 2013/14 and £179,000 in 2014/15. Further details regarding funding and the schemes using this additional funding can be found in the Additional maintenance fund factsheet .

Winter Resilience Funding

In March 2014 it was confirmed that Nottingham will receive an additional £232,906 to cover additional maintenance works over the coming year due to the winter weather experienced in the previous Winter. Further details regarding funding and the schemes using this additional funding can be found in the Winter Resilience Funding factsheet.

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