How to Challenge your Parking Penalty

Motorists have the opportunity to challenge a Penalty Charge Notice within 28 days from the date of service if they feel it has been done incorrectly.

Informal Challenge

The motorist may challenge online using the link below if he/she considers that the Notice has been issued incorrectly. If the council decides to cancel the Penalty Charge, a written letter of confirmation will be issued. If the Penalty Charge is enforced, the reduced sum of either £25 or £35 will be accepted within 14 days of the reply, provided the original appeal was received within 14 days of the Penalty Charge Notice being issued. Otherwise the full charge of either £50 or £70 will be requested. The council will respond to only one letter of challenge and any further representation or appeal should be made as part of the following procedure.

Challenge Your Parking Penalty Charge Notice Online

If you wish to submit an online challenge against a Penalty Charge Notice, please click the link below.

As long as this challenge is received within 14 days of the Penalty Charge being served the £25 or £35 charge will be held until the appeal is considered. If unsuccessful you will be given a further 14 days in which to pay the Penalty Charge at the reduced rate of £25 or £35.

In writing

If you prefer to make your challenge in writingl, please include the Penalty Charge Notice Serial No, your full name, address, vehicle registration and write to:

Parking Regulation and Compliance
PO Box 10169

Please note: The response time for written communication is longer than using the online form above.

Formal Representation

If payment is not received within 28 days (or within 14 days of the reply to an informal appeal) the Council will issue a Notice to Owner requesting payment of the full £50 or £70. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for payment of the charge, irrespective of who was driving the car at the time the Penalty Charge Notice was issued. The reverse of the Notice to Owner offers the opportunity to make a formal representation (within 28 days) on the following grounds:

  • The contravention did not occur
  • The penalty exceeded the relevant amount
  • The Traffic Order was invalid
  • I was not the owner/keeper of the vehicle at the time of the contravention
  • The vehicle had been taken without my consent
  • We are a hire firm and have supplied the name and address of the hirer

If the Council rejects a Formal Representation, a Notice of Rejection will be served requesting payment of the full £50 or £70.

Appeal to The Traffic Penalty Tribunal

The final opportunity to appeal is to the external and independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal. The required form will be included with the Council's Notice of Rejection of Representation. If the Traffic Penalty Tribunal allows the appeal, the Council will be instructed to cancel the Penalty Charge Notice. However, if the Traffic Penalty Tribunal rejects the appeal, the full charge of either £50 or £70 is payable.

For further information about the Traffic Penalty Tribunal please contact:

Email: info@trafficpenaltytribunal.gov.uk

Telephone: 01625 445555

Traffic Penalty Tribunal
Springfield House
Water Lane

Contact Us

Parking Regulation and Compliance PO Box 10169 Nottingham NG1 9HS parkingappeals@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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