Enforcing Dropped Crossings

If you block a dropped crossing in Nottingham City you are risking a £70 Penalty Charge Notice. You also risk your vehicle being towed away.

A dropped crossing is where the pavement, cycle track or verge has been lowered (or the road raised) to help vehicles accessing premises or pedestrians and cyclists crossing roads.

Dropped crossings are there to help:

  • Pedestrians crossing roads
  • Disabled users with mobility issues
  • Cyclists entering or leaving the road
  • Citizens accessing their driveways
  • Businesses and their customers entering private accesses
  • Vehicles entering or leaving the road across a pavement, cycle track or verge

Enforcing Dropped Crossings

By enforcing dropped crossings, Nottingham City Council is helping to prevent inconsiderate parking, which causes congestion and road safety problems on the city's roads. It means that all users have the ability to safely access and use the dropped crossing facilities that Nottingham City Council has installed.

Nottingham City Council issues a Penalty Charge Notice of £70.00* for blocking dropped crossings, (*discounted to £35 if paid within 14 days from the fine being issued) (this will be 21 days if the fine is sent by post). In addition, vehicles may also be removed to the pound.

Nottingham City Council's Civil Enforcement Officers enforce dropped crossings for pedestrians and cyclists across the City as part of their daily duties, and citizens are able to contact Processing and Enforcement Services for help if a vehicle is blocking a dropped crossing preventing them accessing their property.

Report a Vehicle Blocking Your Drive

If your driveway is blocked by a vehicle parked over a dropped crossing, please use the online form to report it.


A Civil Enforcement Officer will need to observe a vehicle parked over a dropped crossing or lowered kerb for 20 minutes. The Officer will record the details of the vehicle which is parked and those of the person making the complaint.

A Penalty Charge Notice will be issued and the vehicle may also be removed to the Vehicle Pound.


There are certain exceptions to enforcing dropped crossings:

  • Vehicles parked wholly within a designated parking place and/or other part of the road where parking is specifically allowed
  • Passengers getting in or out of a vehicle
  • Vehicles used by the Fire, Ambulance or Police services
  • Loading and unloading
  • Vehicles used for waste collection
  • A vehicle parked outside a residential property with the occupier's consent or where the driveway is shared

Blue Badge Holders

Blue Badge holders are not permitted to park on a dropped crossing or lowered kerb and enforcement action may be taken.

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