Nottingham: 20mph City

Nottingham City Council has introduced 20mph speed limits across the city in residential areas, around schools and colleges, shopping areas and community facilities.

The scheme was introduced in a phased approach across the city. All roads (except A and B category roads) were considered for the new 20mph speed limit.

The results from elsewhere in the UK have also been very encouraging. Speed reductions in 'sign-only' 20mph areas can be small to start with but we are committed to working with the community to spread the message that lower speeds will make the area more pleasant and safer for residents and over time we expect speeds to drop.

Why 20mph?

Research from a number of countries across the world suggests that there are many benefits to a community after introducing area wide 20mph speed limits. In fact there are already results from cities like Portsmouth, Bristol, Oxford, York and Hull where 20mph limits have been introduced and show the benefits to our communities are just as big in the UK.

Introducing 20mph speed limits in residential areas across Nottingham will result in a number of improvements for local communities, including:

  • streets that are more cycle and pedestrian friendly
  • greater community ownership of streets and parks
  • improved air quality
  • reduced traffic noise
  • safer road junctions
  • potential reduction in the severity and number of accidents and collisions

For a list of frequently asked questions about 20mph limits and their potential benefits please Download the FAQ's


We have set up a number of Community Road Safety Groups across the City. Community Road Safety Groups are an initiative using trained volunteers supported by Nottinghamshire Police and Nottingham City Council.

Community Road Safety Groups operate in a similar way to Neighbourhood Watch groups but with a focus on road safety. They can help clearly define and quantify road safety problems such as speeding and this information can be used to help guide the activity of the Police Mobile Enforcement Unit and helps to identify problem areas for the City Council to work to resolve.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about the implementation of 20mph speed limits across Nottingham please email 20mph@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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